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The Iskar (Latin: Oescus) is, with a length of 368 km, the longest river thar runs solely in Bulgaria, and a right tributary of the Danube.

The Iskar is formed by three rivers, the Cherni Iskar, Beli Iskar and Levi Iskar (known under the collective name Iskrove), with the source being accepted to be the one of the Prav Iskar, a tributary of the Cherni Iskar. After rising in the north slopes of Rila, it is used to form the Iskar Dam — the largest in Bulgaria. The river runs…

Fun Time

Looking down at his patient, the doctor decided to tell him the truth. "I fell that I must tell you: You are a very sick man. I'm sure you would want to know the facts. I don't think you have much time left. Now, is there anyone you would like to see?"

Bending down toward the sick man, the doctor heard him softly answer, "Yes."

"Who is it?"

In a little stronger tone, the patient said, "Another doctor."

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