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Laipcig HotelThree StarsThree StarsThree Stars Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Hotel Laipcig Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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Birth of old Bulgarian letters and Christian culture

In 852 AD Khan Boris ascended to the Bulgarian throne. inherited an enormous state this Bulgarian ruler took part in the high European politics over a period of ten years. As early as 853 AD, in alliance with the king of France Charles the Bald, he got entangled in the war against a coalition formed by the West Germanic kingdom and Croatia. In 862, this time in alliance only with the West Germanic kingdom, Bulgaria waged war on Great Moravia and Byzantium. In those crippling wars…

Fun Time

Sister Catherine is asking all the Catholic school children in fourth grade what they want to be when they grow up.

Little Sheila says: "when I grow up, I want to be prostitute!"

Sister Catherine's eyes grow wide and she barks: "what in the name of God did you say?"

"A prostitute," Sheila repeats.

Sister Catherine breathes a sign of relief and says: "thank God! I thought you said a Protestant."

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