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Mother Kibela

Mother Kibela is a protecting deity for Thracians, Hittites, Lydiansetc. old civilizations. She is Mother of the Mountains and Mistress of the Land, Mother Nature. Later the Greeks and Romans took the idea of Kibela as the Mother of the Gods.

We named the project Kibela Destinations, in honour of the Thracian Goddess Kibele, whose temple was found on a peninsula of Durankulak Lake, next to the village of Krapetz, North East of Bulgaria, 100 km North from Varna and the Varna International airport.

We decided to give the name of Kibela to our project as a very appropriate one to underline and promote the concept of special interests tourism developments. We followed the forecasts of futurists, like the predictions of Lidewij Edelkoort, a trend forecaster at Studio Edelkoort in Paris, that the life will slow down, leisure time will increase, and people will be categorized by rather how do they spend their free time than what do they do at work.

Special interests tourism related to nature, ecology and sports, culture and history of the Coastal Dobrudja Area has an internationally recognised potential. This was the reason for EU to grant 300 000 Euro this year for exhibition of the archaeological monuments, related to Kibela's temple and the ancient Hamandji civilisation - Lake Town (older than Egyptian, Sumerian, Phoenician, Israeli, Shan-Yin (China) on the Durankulak lake). Durankulak lake is a protected area under RAMSAR convention, a wet zone on the Via Pontika road of the migration of birds.

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