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Stara planina Regional tourist association

Gabrovo, Bulgaria
4 Raycho Karolev Str., Fl. 3
Tel.: +359 66 809 161, 807 137
Fax: +359 66 806 199

About us

Stara planina Regional tourist association is a non-governmental non profit organization established in 1996 by 5 local tourist associations of Tryavna, Gabrovo, Apriltsi, Troyan and Teteven, Gabrovo Chamber of commerce and industry, Gabrovo municipality.
With the growth of its popularity in 5-year period the Association involved as members - Municipalies of Tryavna, Dryanovo, Lovech and the Local tourist associations in Dryanovo and Sevlievo. At present the total number of RTA members is 12. The seven Local tourist associations represent the interests of the owners of hotels, private houses and restaurants, museums, sport and tourist clubs.
The association was established as a part of a Bulgarian-Swiss project for tourism development in Central Stara Planina region, implemented since 1994.
Our main partner and the donor is the Swiss agency for development and cooperation.
Since 2003 RTA Stara Planina has been registered as a non profit organization, working in public interest.
Stara planina Association is the founder (1998) and a member of the Bulgarian Association for Alternative tourism - BAAT. Since 2001 RTA is an associate member of Bulgarian Association of Travel Agencies- BATA and a regular member of Bulgarian Hotels and Restaurants Association. - BHRA.
RTA Stara Planina is a member and a partner of the Association for partnership and support Balkan Assist - Sofia.


Tsanko Tsankov - Chairman of the association, Local tourist association Teteven
Galina Ivanova - Vice Chairperson, Gabrovo Chamber of industry and commerce
Ivan Arabazhiev - Municipality Lovech
Ludmil Ivanov - Local tourist Association Tryavna
Nadezhda Doneva - Local Tourism association Dryanovo
Totyo Grozev - Local Tourist association - Sevlievo
Racho Sheitanov - Local tourist association Gabrovo
Dimitar Ivanov - Local tourist association Apriltsi
Stelka Karamfilska - Local tourist association Tourism Council - Troyan


  • Silvia Hinkova - Executive Director
  • Stela Kazakova - Assistant
  • Velislava Tiholova - Assistant

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